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Oil and Gas UPSTREAM Jobs
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Discipline Location Job Title Company
Artificial Lift Kazakhstan, Almaty Artificial Lift Engineer  
Artificial Lift Texas, Houston Technical Authority, Artificial Lift Specialist  
Artificial Lift Texas, Houston Technical Authority, Artificial/Gas Lift  
Asset Uk, London Asset Manager  
Automation Texas, Midland Sr Automation Engineer, SCADA  
Business China Mandarin Business Manager-Drilling  
Business Middle East Sr Commercial Manager / Business Development  
Business Texas, Houston Vice President, Business Development Strategy  
Chemist Europe Senior Production Chemist  
Chemist Netherlands Senior Production Chemist  
Civil Canada, Calgary Senior Civil Structural Engineer (oil sands )  
Civil Texas, Houston Principal Civil Engineer (Onshore)  
Commercial Texas, Houston Commercial Team Leader, GoM  
Commissioning Canada Sr Commissioning/ Pre-Commissioning Engineer  
Commissioning Middle East Head of Commissioning  
Completions Algeria Sr Completions Engineer  
Completions Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Completions Planner  
Completions Asia Pacific Drilling & Completion Jobs Fluids Specialist  
Completions Asia Pacific Principal Completions Engineer  
Completions Asia Pacific Principal, Drilling/Workover/Completion Jobs  
Completions Asia Pacific Senior Completion Jobs Specialist  
Completions Canada, Calgary Senior Completions Engineer / Well Engineer  
Completions Malaysia Senior Completion Jobs Engineer  
Completions Middle East Sr Drilling, Completion Jobs & Workover Engineer  
Completions Norway Completions Planner  
Completions Romania, Constanta Completions Planner  
Completions Scotland, Aberdeen Completions Planner  
Completions Texas Completions Engineering Advisor (Barnett Shale)  
Completions Texas, Houston Completions Planner  
Completions Texas Principal Completion Jobs Engineer  
Completions Texas, Houston Senior Completions Engineer (GOM)  
Completions Texas, Houston Senior Drilling Engineer  
Completions Texas, Houston Sr Completion Jobs Engineer (Deepwater GoM)  
Completions Texas, Houston Sr Completions Engineer  
Completions Texas, Houston Sr Drilling / Completions Manager  
Completions Texas, Houston Subsea Completion Engineer  
Completions Texas, Arlington Superintendent, Completion Engineering / Barnett Shale  
Completions Uk, Hampshire Completions Planner  
Completions Venezuela Completions Planner  
Completions Wyoming Sr Completions Supervisor  
Construction Alberta, Calgary Construction Manager  
Construction Asia Pacific Sr Construction Engineer (offshore)  
Construction Canada Construction Manager - Oil & Gas Facilities  
Construction Texas, Houston Sr Offshore Facilities Construction Engineer  
Contracts Canada, Calgary Sr Contracts Administrator  
Contracts Cis Oil and Gas EP Contract Manager  
Contracts Malaysia Head of Contracts, Offshore Development  
Contracts Middle East Head of Contracts and Procurement  
Contracts Middle East Senior Contracts Manager  
Contracts Norway Contracts Manager  
Contracts Texas, Houston Head of Contracts & Legal  
Contracts Uae Senior Contracts Engineer  
Contracts Uae Sr Manager, Project Contract Administration  
Contracts Uk Head Of Oil and Gas Contracts  
Control Canada, Calgary Senior Instrumentation and Control Engineer  
Control Louisiana, New Orleans Senior Control & Automation Engineer  
Control Oman Senior Control & Automation Engineer  
Corrosion Australia, Perth Lead Corrosion & Materials Engineer  
Corrosion Canada, Calgary Head of Corrosion and Integrity  
Corrosion Canada, Calgary Lead Corrosion Engineer  
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