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Discipline Location Job Title Company
Administrator Illinois, Chicago Operations Administrator (Administration)  
Administrator Texas, Houston Operations Administrator (Administration)  
Administrator Washington, Seattle Operations Administrator (Administration)  
Aerodynamics Europe Aerodynamic Design Engineer / Wind Aerodynamics  
Analyst Texas, Houston Analyst, Wind Renewable Energy Contract Settlement  
Analyst Texas, Houston Commercial Analyst  
Analyst Texas, Houston Sr Energy Analyst, Portfolio Management  
Civil Oregon Senior Civil Engineer -Structural  
Civil Oregon, Portland Wind Projects Development Engineer (civil)  
Civil Texas, Houston Sr Civil Engineer, Wind Energy  
Construction Canada, Toronto Construction Manager - Wind Farm  
Consultant China, Beijing Sr Wind Energy Consultant / Turbine Engineer  
Consultant Colorado, Denver Sr Renewable Wind Energy Consultant  
Contract Texas, Houston Contract Manager  
Counsel Illinois, Chicago Senior Counsel - Wind Energy  
Counsel Texas, Houston Senior Counsel - Wind Energy Projects  
Design Florida Wind Farm Design Manager  
Electrical Illinois Lead Electrical Engineer (Wind Farm Projects)  
Electrical Spain, Barcelona Sr/ Electrical Design Engineer (wind turbines)  
Engineer Colorado, Denver Senior Wind Energy Engineer  
Engineer Europe Senior Engineer - Offshore Wind Development  
Engineer Kansas, Overland Park Senior Wind Energy Engineer  
Gis Texas, Houston GIS Project Manager  
Mechanical Spain, Barcelona Mechanical Design Engineer - Gearbox specialist  
Mechanical Uk, Uk Mechanical Design Engineer - Gearbox specialist  
Mechanical Uk, Uk/europe Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Wind Turbine )  
Operations California, Pleasanton Principal Wind Technician Leader  
Operations Illinois, Chicago Operations Administrator/Manager  
Operations Usa Wind Facilities Operations Manager  
Process Europe Process Engineer - Composite Materials (Wind Energy)  
Project California, Oakland Project Manager  
Project Colorado, Denver Sr Wind Energy Engineer  
Project Colorado, Denver Wind Project Developer  
Project Europe Project Development Manager - Wind Energy Projects  
Project Europe Senior Project Manager (wind farm development)  
Project Illinois, Chicago Project Engineer - Wind Energy  
Project Illinois, Bloomington Wind Projects Development Engineer  
Project Kansas, Kansas City Wind Project Coordinator  
Project Minnesota, Rochester Project Manager, Wind Power  
Project New York, Buffalo Senior Wind Projects Engineer - Design / Construction  
Project New York, Albany Wind Projects Development Engineer  
Project Oregon, Portland Project Development Manager  
Project Texas, Houston Project Engineer Wind Energy  
Project Texas, Houston Project Manager  
Project Texas, Houston Project Manager  
Project Texas, Dallas Project Manager  
Project Uk, London Senior Wind Project Manager / Engineering Lead  
Project Usa, Various Project Manager, Wind Construction  
Project Washington, Seattle Project Manager  
Project Control Texas, Houston Project Control Manager - Wind Projects  
Project Control Usa Manager, Project Controls - Wind  
Reliability Illinois Sr / Reliability Engineer - Wind Farm  
Reliability Texas, Houston Principal Reliability Engineer/Strategy Manager Reliability  
Scheduler Texas, Houston Senior Scheduler, Power Sales  
Specialist California, San Diego Energy Specialist  
Specialist California, Palo Alto Energy Specialist  
Specialist Colorado, Pueblo, Energy Specialist  
Specialist Massachusetts, Lowell Energy Specialist  
Specialist Michigan, Troy Energy Specialist  
Specialist New York, Kingston Energy Specialist  
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